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Welcome to Quantum Mechanic .com.au

Welcome to the Quantum Mechanic Music web site. This will eventually be the launchpad for all new tracks and albums. In the meantime, you can hear some of my songs on SoundCloud

Quantum Mechanic Music also provides a range of Music and Audio Gear related services. All solutions are cost-effective and discussed / quoted in plain English (minimal Techo-babble).

Available Services Include:
The following are all on hold for the present, as health issues make dealing with you human beans, just a tad challenging ;-)

  • Music Creation / Recording / Mixing / Mastering Services

    • Need an affordable session guitarist for that special lick or sound?
    • Got a good tune that could be better if it was just finished off right?
    • Want to put down some basic tracks without paying pro studio rates?
      Send an email (form below) and let me know what you need.

  • Music & Audio Equipment Services

    • Repairs & Service provided for:
      Guitar Effects / Preamps / Power Amps.
      All workmanship covered by warranty.

    • Customised Effects Patching Systems & Effects Mods
      Get the most out of your pedals and effects. Almost anything is possible, even your own Bass or Guitar Synth without the need for custom/proprietary pickups.

    • Active Controls / Tuner / Pickup Installation for Acoustic Guitars.
      Fully installed starting from AUD $65 (+ new strings if required)
      Includes: Under saddle piezo pickup + 4 or 5 Band EQ with Tuner
      Optional Low Z (600Ω) Output for D.I. into Mixer or DAW.


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Last Updated: Qm - 221216

Quantum Mechanic
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Some of my songs on SoundCloud

Science cannot save us from our own inherent greed and stupidity.
Our addiction to technology has brought about the very problems that may well
lead to our extinction.

- QM 131023    see The Ocean Is Broken


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